Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 5/31

Venture Smarter is using proprietary tools to align and support stakeholders around available resources and addressable opportunity areas for Smart Cities. Here is our Daily Roundup of smart city related news.



More security gaps plague connected cars

There are numerous motivations for bad actors to compromise connected vehicle components. Research and Markets noted the connected car market will reach 37.7 million units by 2022, highlighting the need for security measures to be considered and accounted for at all levels.



'New funding models required' for smart cities

A study by Deloitte’s Center for Government Insights states that city governments should support or launch finance models such as fiscal incentives (including tax abatements), PPPs, and qualified infrastructure bonds specifically focused on smart city requirements.



Home Automation: The Rising Star Of Tech World

Smart Homes offer a wholesome experience for owners by automating segments such as lighting, audio/video, heating-ventilating-air conditioning (HVAC) and security. Home automation can make mundane tasks easy for residents while also heightening security.


Smart cities — Australia must regulate without killing innovation

Smart Cities need data. And where there is data, regulation follows. Governments need to step carefully–the wrong regulations, or too many of them, could hinder smart city growth. This should be a particular concern for Australia where data regulation currently has a high profile.

Unique Insights on Role of Internet of Things for Smart Cities

“If the entire population of our planet was moved to the Republic of South Africa, the population density would still be significantly lower than it is in Tokyo today.” The role smart cities will play in today’s rapid urbanization is absolutely critical.