Let's Talk Smart Cities - Daily Roundup - 5/4

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How Will The Internet Of Things Change Government And Democracy?

Increase in Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) related devices have given governments access to massive amounts of data. The amount of information yielded by political leaders offers an important question: What role will the government and democracy play?


The Internet of Things Needs a Code of Ethics

Once again, technology has outpaced policy and regulation with the dawn of IoT. Computer infrastructure expert Francine Berman discusses the implications of smart technology and the need for a code of ethics and regulation.


Six ways that IoT is reshaping today’s insurance proposition

Despite technology significantly changing the insurance industry in recent decades, the basic structure of insurance has been constant. This, however, is about to change. From sophisticated insurance offerings to real-time risk-based billing, smart technology is reshaping insurance conventions.



New high-tech transit kiosk in Miami offers directions, free WiFi — and selfies

A pair of interactive smart kiosks–under the brand name Connector305–were recently installed at a transit station in Miami-Dade, Florida. These kiosks are an example of the benefits of smart technology as they offer free Wi-Fi, personalized bus routes, wayfinding, and phone charging.


MOBILITYnuTonomy teams with Groupe PSA to test autonomous cars in Singapore

nuTonomy, a developer of software for self-driving cars, will be testing full autonomous vehicles in Singapore after recently signing a deal with the French automobile Groupe PSA. This will greatly expand the nuTonomy fleet, which is scheduled to launch in September 2017.

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