Smart City Strategies to win Bloomberg's American Cities Initiative

American Cities Initaitive

Michael Bloomberg believes that our country’s cities will be the drivers of progress and policy in the United States. That’s why he has committed $200 million to the American Cities Initiative, which aims to develop programs that achieve three goals:

  • Equip mayors to solve their most important problems;

  • Advance important policies;

  • Empower residents to become a part of this work.

Venture Smarter shares Bloomberg’s view that cities will determine the direction of the United States. That’s why Venture Smarter is committed to the philosophy of smart cities and the mission of democratizing smart city planning. Building a smart city is a team effort, but effective leadership is a critical component to any smart city success story.

Venture Smarter gives mayors, city managers, and other municipal leaders the tools they need to make smart planning decisions. We use an agile planning process framework, which means that smart city solutions are tailored to the needs of each city. We authored IEEE’s Smart City Planning Standards, the model that will be used by cities across the globe as they pursue the goals of becoming better connected, more mobile, secure and sustainable. And we’re helping leaders show their constituents the real-world impact of smart city solutions by showcasing those efforts.

Here are brief examples: Disruptive transportation technologies can cut down on air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing gridlock and reducing the time vehicles idle at signalized intersections, all while giving residents better transportation options that quickly connect them with economic opportunities. Smart cities are connected cities, and a connected populace means educational opportunities are within reach for people from all walks of life.

Venture Smarter addresses and engages stakeholders in a number of ways. Through our Regional Smart City Initiatives, we are bringing disparate stakeholder groups together, providing education and aligning goals around available resources and addressable opportunity areas. We’re forming localized leadership and community groups that are making sure their community’s pain points are identified, prioritized, and addressed.

And we’re giving everyone, from the mayor on down, tools that help people understand the needs of their communities and empower them to propose solutions.

Venture Smarter’s Smart City Portal is a more effective, targeted means for government units to communicate their needs to technology solution providers. The Smart City Portal increases the likelihood that RFPs will attract proposals that are not only responsive, but innovative and add value beyond the scope of a given project.

Venture Smarter’s partnerships with research universities and institutes ensure that government leadership isn’t caught off-guard by new, disruptive technologies. We have our fingers on the pulse of the smart city space, and we help our partners minimize the negative impact of technological disruptions.

Venture Smarter is the right solution at the right time for cities interested in taking part in the American Cities Initiative. We’re ready to help cities ideate projects that will attract funding. To learn more, contact us at

Written By: Matt Koesters

The Regional Smart Cities Initiative in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, also known as Smart Cincy, officially launched efforts on April 25th at Union Hall with a summit and technology showcase hosted by Venture Smarter.
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