2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge Brief

Smart Infrastructure Challenge

2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge Breif

Prepared by: Venture Smarter HQ


The Smart Infrastructure Challenge calls for regional teams to add a technology layer into existing and future infrastructure projects with a focus on optimizing or altogether replacing outdated and inefficient systems.

We must expand the conversation when it comes to infrastructure to include IoT and IT systems...
— Congressman Brendan Boyle at the Infrastructure Challenge Announcement Event

Government-led teams will have six months (April 25th - October 25th) to create a regional 'smart infrastructure' vision and plan. Top teams will be awarded access to grant funding, support resources, and project financing. The grant and financing details will be announced on April 26th at the program kick-off event during the Second Annual Smart Cincy SummitA live stream will be available for remote audiences.

Government-led teams can submit a letter of intent and discover more details here. (Due by April 25th, 2018 at 11:59 P.M. EST.)

Businesses and organizations that want to participate can learn more about partnership and teaming options here.

Direct any questions to hello@smartregions.org.

The first 25 teams to respond will get support from Venture Smarter team members to prepare presentations, match with teaming partners, and explore the opportunities and challenges presented by smart - or IoT enabled - infrastructure and development.


More details will be released on April 26th during the Second Annual Smart Cincy Summit, which will also serve as the 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge Launch Event. > Details Here



Special thanks to: Regional Smart Cities Initiatives, National Institute of Standards and Technology's Global Cities Teams Challenge, National Infrastructure and Investment Alliance, Department of Homeland Security, Smart City Infrastructure, Smart City Capital, IEEE Smart Cities, IEEE Standards Association, Smart Cities Council, Context Labs, and many more partners and supporters.


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