Attend the Smart Regions Congress in Washington DC on Feb 15th, 2018

When? Thursday, February 15th (4-6:30pm*)
Where? Washington DC (Capitol Hill Area, Location TBA)
What? Forum and Reception To Promote Smart Regional Growth
Why? To connect with new partners, discuss success stories, explore challenges, and catalyze opportunities to collaborate

Event Schedule:
Welcome and Introductions
Forum and Discussion
Leadership Reception and Happy Hour

Collaboration drives smart city success stories. In 2016 Venture Smarter launched Regional Smart Cities Initiatives to support smart city technology and policy collaborations that reach beyond municipal boundaries aimed at empowering leaders to pursue regionalized growth. Working with Metropolitan Planning Organizations, city, county, and state leaders, and academic and industry partners, the Smart Regions effort focuses on building public-private-partnerships that promote interoperable and secure smart growth as leaders leverage advances in technology and the Internet of Things to optimize or altogether replace outdated systems and infrastructure. Ultimately, Smart Regions and related collaborations help leaders create better places to live, work, and visit while deploying solutions that alleviate, not burden already strained municipal budgets.

These efforts require technology and planning process standards, engagement with community groups and stakeholders across sectors, and control mechanisms to mitigate risk. Of course, they also require political and bureaucratical support, creative financing, and clear plans aimed at measurable goals and outcomes. (Ask us about The Guide to the Technology and Process to Build A Smart City and Smart Region.)

On February 15th Venture Smarter is proud to invite regional leaders from around the country including those from various Metropolitan Planning Organizations to a forum focused on exploring and discussing regional success stories, challenges, and opportunities to collaborate to support smart strategies and efforts - city to city, state to state, and region to region.

*Time and location subject to change. Phase One Announcements on January 15th.