Smart Sister Cities municipal signups now open!

Rhonda Binda at Venture Smarter's 2017 Smart Regions Conference

Smart Sister Cities sign-ups are now open for municipal leaders working to navigate smart cities and the Internet of Things - beyond city limits.

[Pictured] At the Smart Regions Conference, Rhonda stressed the importance of regional collaborations in policy and technology, shedding a light on much of the work we are focused on at Venture Smarter that revolves around breaking down silos and promoting interoperable and resilient planning.  Ultimately we aim to help leaders research, plan, fund, and collaborate to build smart cities and regions that use technology as a tool to create better places to live, work, and visit. Our approach puts people first, and is designed to avoid expensive planning pitfalls and technology or vendor silos. 

We are excited to launch (in 2018) "Smart Sister Cities" working groups for local, county, state, and federal governments and agencies.  Working group efforts focusing on (a) Smart City Technology and Planning Standards and (b) Regional Smart Cities Initiatives will revolved around the pillars of smart city planning: connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability. 

Learn more and register your government or agency: Click Here.


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