These startups are innovating in the water tech space

These startups are focused on clean water in the first world and developing world, alike. "It is estimated that the demand for water will surpass the supply as early as 2025 creating opportunity for the budding entrepreneur to tap it."

Parity Clean Water Technology Startup


"Parity's mission is to help level the playing field when it comes to universally cleaner water. We are starting with pool and spa water, because that is what we know, but the technology we are developing will innovate the way water is tested for chemical imbalances. We want to make sure that everyone is getting cleaned and healthier water, whether they are swimming in it or drinking in it is entirely their preference. Our technology will apply to both." -Cole Hazenfield

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Wel Enterprise Water Startup

Wel Enterprises

Wel Enterprise has engineered the first, revolutionary Wastewater Reclamation System to handle wastewater from start to finish. Capable of segregating, cleaning, and recycling water, solids, and other elements. The WEL systems are entirely scalable, EPA certified, and verified to function at the highest efficiency and quality. 

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SofTap Water’s technology utilizes a passive filtration system to remove dissolved calcium and magnesium bicarbonates in drinking and industrial water systems. 

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SunToWater Clean Water Solar Tech Startup


SunToWater is spearheading the commercial launch of a unique water-generation appliance that addresses global water shortages by producing inexpensive, abundant volumes of potable drinking water from Earth’s atmosphere. The Water Generator makes drinking water from the air, even in desert conditions.

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Smart H2OHQrural