These startups are creating smarter learners; smarter schools

Advancements in technology and education run hand in hand. As we look to enable the smart cities of the future, we understand and value the importance of setting up learners on paths to achieve career and life success. Check out these startups and organizations that are focused on just that:

Indigo Project Logo Smarter Learners

Indigo Project

Indigo Project aspires to empower all students and transform the national education system. By giving schools non-academic data on who their students are, Indigo creates a path for schools to transform their culture and empower students through their strengths & passions. 

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Pear Deck E Learning Smarter Learners

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is on a mission to make it easier for teachers to provide rich, engaging educational experiences for their students. Founded by educators, including a former high school teacher turned Microsoft programmer, Pear Deck has attracted funding from top funds such as Revolution, and is making waves in education across the country.

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LEAF College Savings Smarter Learners


Students are seven times more likely to enroll in college if they have any amount of savings set aside for higher education in advance of graduating high school. LEAF is on a mission to make giving the gift of college savings simple, social, and secure. LEAF was founded by industry experts, and is on a mission to empower children to achieve the dream of higher education by making the gift of college savings realistic and easy.

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Zid Zid Kid Multisensory Language Learning

Zid Zid

Zid Zid Kids is graduating from the Brandery Accelerator and is on a mission to create global citizens, and global learners. Zid Zid is working on the breakthrough platform behind closed doors, where caretakers can set young learners up for success by way of creative, multi-sensory play. The platform teaches world languages through mixed media projects on and offline, and parents are not required to be multi-lingual by any means. 

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Fiero Mentor Mapping and Matching Smarter Learners


Fiero is helping life learners achieve career success via Mentor Mapping and Matching leveraging a proven process and a familiar, gamified platform supporting mentors and mentees on campus and on the job.

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University Beyond Smarter Graduates

University Beyond

University Beyond is taking a new approach to the gig economy, and helping college students transition from backpacks to briefcases with programs to transition interns and campus reps into part time and full time hires. Based in New York City, the team at University Beyond is aiming to make it easy for students and grads to find jobs, get paid, and live better.

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Campus Suite School Communications Smarter Education

Campus Suite

Campus Suite unifies all critical school communications into one, simple command center, making it simple to integrate communication among faculty, staff, students, and parents. Using Clever single sign-on, Campus Suite synchronizes to existing SIS and other school systems.

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Smart Regions start with Smart Cities. Smart Cities start with smart learners. Policy and practices should reflect advances in technologies and understandings about how students learn and succeed. This shortlist of innovative startups is a part of a much larger edtech and edpolicy movement that is set on bringing educational practices up to speed. Thoughts? Questions? Chime in on Twitter or get in touch.