These startups are focused on smarter recruiting

Recruiting in 2017 will prove to be a big opportunity area as employers and job candidates continue to express frustrating amounts of dissatisfaction. Only 1 in 3 employees today feel engaged. 2 in 3 employers struggle with poor retention rates. See a connection? Plenty of similar examples... These startups are focused on smarter recruiting, leveraging advances in modern technology and familiar user behaviors to improve an otherwise disabled system.

Talent Rank Smart Careers Startup

Talent Rank

Talent Rank automates the capture of deep insight into prospective hires, while simultaneously preparing cohorts of students or grads for forthcoming careers.

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YouHyre Smart IT Recruiting Startup


YouHyre is an exclusive marketplace for IT contractor services and is all about connecting talented IT professionals with customers in the business realms by way of a propriety platform using unique data points to connect top candidates and opportunities.

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UpShift Smart Hiring Startup


UpShift connects people with businesses in need of extra workers. Users can pick up shifts that fits their schedule to make some extra money.

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CraftForce Workforce Recruiting Startup


CraftForce is leading the skilled labor industry into the digital age. Craft skilled labor can mean seasonal or temporary work, and transitions between jobs can involve unemployment and uncertainty. CraftForce wants to make finding the next job easier and less stressful.

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Quantize Smart Recruiting Startup


Quantize Analytics delivers holistic assessment of an applicant, including their behavior and culture fit, to ensure you capture all applicants with top-performer potential. The assessment is based on the application and occurs at the very top of the funnel, ensuring only the most promising applicants are advanced and reducing the burden of manual screening. 

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Technology alone won't solve the disparities in recruiting today, but it can certainly help streamline the process. Have something to add?

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