smartLINK and Telensa partner to enhance smart streets, smart sidewalks

smartLINK and Telensa are partnering up in regions throughout the United States to streamline smart city solutions and the integration of the internet of things into our municipal infrastructure driven by secured and validated technology standards and a planning framework to match.
— Zack Huhn, IEEE Smart Cities Committee
smartLINK and Telensa partner for smart streets, smart sidewalks in smart cities

smartLINK and Telensa have formed a smart city partnership that will light the pathway to success in smart cities, incorporating hard and soft infrastructure initiatives that will streamline the implementation of smart city solutions on our streets and sidewalks.

Telensa makes wireless smart city control systems, including the worlds most deployed smart streetlight solution. smartLINK is the world's smartest kiosk, and helps integrate full stacks of smart city solutions in municipal and campus settings. Together they are working in markets such as Cincinnati, OH; Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; and Dallas, TX to give municipal leaders the tools to create safe, sustainable, thriving smart city solution sets. The combination of assets and insights on our streets and sidewalks will help leaders make cities more liveable and workable by providing energy efficient nighttime and emergency lighting, providing retail and wayfinding solutions, and using data to improve walking paths and bike lanes. The tools will help create connectivity clusters enabling autonomous vehicle solutions to seamlessly integrate with our existing and emerging infrastructure - hard and soft.

“smartLINK is proud to work with such a market leader as Telensa.  Telensa provides an extremely sustainable solution which allows for rapid scalable solutions.  smartLINK looks forward to strong execution and quality delivery to ensure clients’ needs are met and exceeded.”
— Jon Salisbury, smartLINK

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