These NewCo's are digitizing gov

Government inefficiencies are no secret and often times are the result of outdated systems. It's difficult for government agencies to keep up with technology, but these companies are trying to solve the technology gaps, nonetheless.

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Seamless Docs (Seamless Gov)

"The most seamless way to a paperless government. We specialize in working with governments to convert all their PDFs and forms into fillable, smart & secure online versions that can be completed and eSigned from any device.  You have form problems, we have solutions."

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Transit Labs

"Transit Labs uses real-time transportation analytics to help agencies operate their systems more efficiently, get more funds, and report necessary information to governments. We enable operators, planners, and executive leadership to evaluate historical performance, make real-time decisions, and model future service and economic activity."

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"ClearGov was launched in June of 2015 with the goal of helping average citizens better understand how their tax dollars are spent and how their local government is performing. Our vision is that through better understanding citizens will want to get more involved in their local government and help drive positive change. We also believe that a vast majority of local governments officials have these same goals in mind, but lack the tools to efficiently communicate with their community. So we developed tools to support governments in their effort to promote transparency and collaboration with citizens. Our platform opens new lines of communication and allows governments to tell their story like never before."

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"We’re a cloud-based software company focused on helping government organizations democratize access to data and use it to improve transparency, citizen service, and fact-based decision-making."

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Startups and innovative businesses are on the forefront of helping government agencies achieve government innovation 2.0. While many bodies have been charged with innovative missions; there is a lack of cohesiveness among stakeholders and existing systems. Good ideas are solving these problems one at a time.

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