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Smart Regions Congress: Meet the Speakers [RSCI]

RSCI has announced speakers and forum leaders for the Smart Regions Congress event in Washington DC on February 15th.  The interdisciplinary group of leaders will explore and discuss the challenges and successes that arise when building smart regions that put people first. 

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5 topics that leaders will discuss at the Smart Regions Congress in Washington DC

Smart cities and regions use technology as a tool to create better places to live, work, and visit. But efforts towards smart planning and development don't happen on their own, and they cannot take place in silos. Smart solutions require regional collaborations and interoperable solutions that improve people's lives, increase public service delivery, and alleviate strained municipal budgets.

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At the Smart Regions Congress, leaders in DC will convene to talk about technology, policy, and strategy

At the Smart Regions Congress in Washington DC, attendees will join leaders from top Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Councils of Government, elected and public officials, and industry experts from around the nation as we explore the opportunities and challenges presented by building smart cities and regions that use advanced technologies and the Internet of Things to optimize or altogether replace outdated systems and infrastructure.

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