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Midwest leaders create a brain trust for smart, regional growth

A collaboration sprouted throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana is beginning to gain attention. The Regional Smart Cities Initiative is adding cohesiveness to smart city conversations and helping to develop an agile planning architecture to encourage smart, regional growth in collaboration with stakeholders worldwide. Leaders of the initiative are working with international bodies to create the first sets of municipal smart city standards, and are hoping to support Venture Smarter's mission of democratizing smart planning.

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Attend: #SmartCincy Summit

Government officials, business leaders, and interested stakeholders in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana will attend a one-day summit moving the smart cities conversation forward to align, highlight, and educate regional leaders, to leverage available resources, and to prompt smart action around the four pillars of smart cities: connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability.

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Regional Smart Cities Initiative: Letter of Support

Our vision is to help create the city of tomorrow, improving the quality of life for this generation and generations to come. Solutions will double our standard of living, connect local economies, and alleviate budgetary distress brought on by outdated infrastructure and systems the prove burdensome for taxpayers and policy makers.

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