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Rhonda Binda shortlisted in Europe's 2018 Smart Cities People's Choice Award

Venture Smarter's VP of Policy, Rhonda Binda, has been shortlisted for the 2018 Smart Cities People's Choice Award and needs your vote!  The award is part of the IoT World Series and the winner will be announced at the Smart to Future Cities Summit on Wednesday, April 25th in London.  Among 6 others shortlisted, Rhonda is the only representative from the United States!

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Creating Connectivity Corridors

Connectivity clusters are catalyzed by deploying sensors sending information to centralized data platforms and creating mesh wireless connectivity solutions for people, places, and things. This means our infrastructure - hard and soft - has to be smart and secure, allowing us to make better real-time and long-term planning decision from connecting residents to local resources to planning the next municipal infrastructure projects.

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