Rethinking infrastructure in the 21st century

Representing Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District,  Congressman Brendan Boyle  advocates for a more holistic approach to infrastructure investments at the Smart Regions Congress in Washington DC.

Representing Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District, Congressman Brendan Boyle advocates for a more holistic approach to infrastructure investments at the Smart Regions Congress in Washington DC.

In the United States we face crumbling infrastructure problems, yet continue to rebuild outdated and inefficient systems. It's time we think differently about infrastructure. States from Ohio and Colorado to Virginia and Nevada are well on their way with pilots and projects ranging from bus rapid transit and shared mobility to autonomous vehicles, drones, and Hyperloop.

With so much at stake in the coming years, we cannot afford to do anything other than think 'smart' about infrastructure planning. While using technology to optimize or altogether replace outdated systems and infrastructure, we must also ensure we are able to quantify the impact we have for residential quality of life, experiences for businesses, and outcomes for communities and governments.

We must expand the conversation when it comes to infrastructure to include technology and IT systems....
— Congressman Brendan Boyle at The Smart Infrastructure Challenge Announcement Event

The 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge requires regional teams of interagency collaborators to rethink the way we plan for and build infrastructure projects across cities and regions. Each team will create a project vision and planning framework that incorporates intelligent, interoperable technologies across infrastructure assets and government systems.

2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge [Venture Smarter's Regional Smart Cities Initiative].png

Teams will be favored for items such as having a 'smart' risk assessment and mitigation plan, a procurement plan across agencies focused on interoperability, and community engagement. 

So far, working groups from more than a dozen states have expressed intent to participate in the challenge, in an effort to catalyze local or regional efforts and unlock access to funding, project financing, and support resources.

Important Dates:

  • Letter of Intent Due by May 31st (fill out online here)
  • Draft presentations and project plans due on September 27th
  • Presentations and Awards on October 25th

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  • Create a project vision
  • Create a regional team of interagency collaborators (leverage Venture Smarter Matchmaking support)
  • Create a planning framework 



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