Transforming Transportation in 2017 [Venture Smarter]

Written by: Nicholas Dale, Venture Smarter

Last week, Venture Smarter attended the World Bank and the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities’ two-day "Transforming Transportation 2017"  forum to learn from global industry and policy leaders about innovative mobility solutions.

Mobility is a key component in Venture Smarter's four pillars of smart cities, and operates in concert with Sustainability, Connectivity and Security to create adaptable and scalable framework for smart city implementation.

Over the course of two days, panelists shared ideas and strategies to leverage open data partnerships to transform transportation, create sustainable financing opportunities and transform urban and rural mobility.  Global industry leaders from companies such as Zipcar, Shell Foundation, FedEx discussed key topics alongside state representatives and stakeholders from the United Nations and the World Bank.

Panelists and attendees alike stressed the importance of a networked, holistic approach to designing and implementing smart transportation technologies based on user-need and scalability.  The World Resources Institute plans on launching an interactive website to curate research on transit oriented development to educate and empower stakeholders in international communities.

The Transforming Transportation forum allowed for individuals from across the world to share their ideas and solutions to one of the most pressing needs as economies grow and develop;  the Venture Smarter team looks forward to being at the forefront of the conversation regarding mobility, and developing the tools and resources to plan, implement and scale transportation technologies coupled with sustainable, connected and secure infrastructure for the smart city of the future.