TransitScreen partners with Panasonic to bring real-time transit data to smart cities

TransitScreen and Panasonic team up on smart city solutions

Panasonic's CityNOW platform is developing smart city technologies across verticals. With TransitScreen, the tech giant is ramping up efforts around transportation.

TransitScreen makes real-time displays that show traffic, public transit and ridesharing options. Adding TransitScreen’s capabilities will result in displays that provide real-time, multiscreen displays with arrival times, points of interest and live events. It could appear at transit hubs, on streets or in places like buildings or sports stadiums.

“Panasonic is one of the iconic brands of the digital era. Combining their nearly hundred year history with our team’s creativity and design capabilities will create remarkable opportunities for innovation,” TransitScreen CEO Matt Caywood said in a statement. “With Panasonic as our hardware, solutions, and integration partner, we will have the chance to bring our human-centric technologies to a national scale.”

The first appearance will be in Denver, where Panasonic is rolling out a number of smart city technologies at Pena Station. According to the Denver Post, the site located south of Denver International Airport is designed to be a testing ground for new technology.

TransitScreen is among the many validated solution providers in the Venture Smarter ecosystem that is dedicated to using technology as a tool to improve outcomes for residents, businesses, and institutions in smart cities. Want to learn more? Email