These startups are focused on NextGen Transportation

The last major paradigm shift in transportation happened in 1908, when Henry Ford rolled out the Model T. In fact, every major paradigm shift throughout history has led to a 2x improvement in quality of life. As we have automated communication, we are well on our way to automating transportation, and once again doubling our quality of life. Startups such as those listed below are helping us reach our transportation goals:

Transit Screen Sustainable Mobility Startup


TransitScreen displays real-time information is displayed on screens throughout public places. The screens encourage commuters to make informed, sustainable mobility decisions to help improve the quality of life in our urban environments.

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Spaitial AI Startup Maps

Spatial AI

Spatial is adding a human-driven social layer to maps to make them smart and agile by leveraging advances in artificial intelligence. The startup launched out of the Ocean Accelerator in Cincinnati, OH before being swept up into the TechStars program where they continue to make great progress.

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Loop Global Transport Startup

Loop Global (ET3)

Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies are here, and Loop Global is decades ahead of the game with their patent protected ET3 technologies and processes. Loop was the first company to secure all of the parts to their maglev, vacuum tubes and is looking at a 2017 reveal date.

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Hyperloop One Logo

Hyperloop One

Elon Musk brought some notoriety to the tube transport movement with his white paper several years ago. Since then, the team at Hyperloop One has been hard at work raising awareness, securing capital, and beginning their first build.

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Drivr Uber With Teslas Startup

Drivr (Tesla)

Drivr is on-demand transportation, evolved. Always electric, always green, and to-date, always Tesla. Founded and headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Drivr is taking the on-demand transportation industry to the next logical level - all clean, all green.

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Others include companies working on autonomous shipping, smart bike share programs, personal rapid transit, and high speed rail. Startups focused on transportation innovations have an uphill battle ahead. Uber continues to work tirelessly to circumvent or resolve crippling, outdated policies run by special interests.

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