Sign and Share: Regional Smart Cities Initiative Letter of Support

Regional Smart Cities Letter of Support

Sign the Regional Smart Cities letter of support and join public officials, academic leaders, and business executives in efforts rooted in the four pillars of smart growth: connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability. A signature on the letter of support is not legally binding, it simply shows personal and ideological support behind the ideas leading Regional Smart Cities efforts. Questions? Email

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I support the Regional Smart Cities Initiative because I recognize that smart planning is necessary today to ensure that our region is prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Bringing cohesiveness to the smart cities conversation, prompting smart action among regional stakeholders, and establishing shared goals supported by an agile planning architecture will lead to the creation of workable, livable, smart regions. The Regional Smart Cities Initiative aims to do just that, with a focus on the four pillars of smart planning: Connectivity, Mobility, Security, and Sustainability.

I support the creation of a digital foundation that allows our leaders to be more responsive to the needs of our residents and creates an environment that’s attractive to talent and companies alike. I call for our region’s leaders in the public and private sectors to support the vision of a cohesive, smart region that facilitates efficiency, transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to our region’s needs.
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