U.S. Department of Transportation begins formal policy discussions for autonomous trucks, buses

The Federal Government is beginning the process to develop policies for autonomous transportation beyond self-driving cars to autonomous trucks, buses and additional ground-based vehicles.

Speaking at CES, Secretary Elaine Chao asserted the U.S. Department of Transportation will publish four requests seeking public comments. They will center on how to develop policies around transportation advancements in vehicles, trains, buses, commercial trucking and transit systems.

Right now there are too many outdated transportation rules, terms and concepts that no longer apply to an automated world
— Elaine Chao

The public comments will be used to develop the third iteration of the Department’s Federal Automated Vehicle Policy, scheduled for publication this summer. The current version, released in September, relates only to self-driving cars.

Secretary Chao also added: "This request for input will help the government identify which regulations, parts of regulations or terminology need to be updated to allow for innovation to move forward."

According to Venture Smarter Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mitchell Kominsky, who worked autonomous transportation matters in the U.S. Senate, Department's direction is sound: "It's great to see the Secretary lead on this issue and embrace these technologies - and leveraging them to improve lives and create more efficiency."

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Mitchell Kominsky