Daily Roundup - Let's talk smart cities - May 3rd, 2017

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What kind of security will smart cities need to protect IoT infrastructure?

Advancements in artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) have made the transition to Smart Cities both needed and inevitable.  However, as more cities adopt “smart infrastructure,” the need to address cybersecurity is becoming critical. Incidents like these are growing in number and reveal the importance of cybersecurity best practices.



UK to implement smart tech solutions on main roads

The United Kingdom's highway authority has announced its plan to implement smart technology to address congestion along two widely used routes. Variable speeds limits, electronic gantry signs and real-time traffic management will allow speed limits to be changed minute to minute and for motorist to receive real time updates on the conditions of roads. All of this has great potential to reduce congestion and lead to smooth flowing traffic.



Smart City Technology Market poised for rapid growth

It is well known how rapidly the smart city market has been growing. A study conducted by Persistence Market Research concluded that the global smart technology market will reach $3.48 trillion, with a growth rate of 18 percent by 2026. Growth will occur across sectors, including energy, security, education and healthcare.


Baltimore accelerator’s new cohort to focus on smart cities

Conscious Venture Lab, a West Baltimore accelerator that supports impact-minded businesses, is funding 10 companies that are focused on smart cities and urban resilience. Funded companies will gain $50,000, office space, and mentors through the four-month program.

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