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3 Active Opportunities Geared Towards Improving Public Safety

Public Safety is an important facet of smart planning.  Today, we have the capability to create and adapt technology in a way that can not only provide us with tools for a safer response to emergency situations but also provide us with tools for smarter preparation. 

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Just Released: USDOT Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) Deployment Guidance and Resources

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) is the next generation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). V2I technologies capture vehicle-generated traffic data, wirelessly providing information such as advisories from the infrastructure to the vehicle that inform the driver of safety, mobility, or environment-related conditions. State and local agencies are likely to install V2I infrastructure alongside or integrated with existing ITS equipment. Because of this, the majority of V2I deployments may qualify for similar federal-aid programs as ITS deployments, if the deploying agency meets certain eligibility requirements.

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These startups are focused on NextGen Transportation

The last major paradigm shift in transportation happened in 1908, when Henry Ford rolled out the Model T. In fact, every major paradigm shift throughout history has led to a 2x improvement in quality of life. As we have automated communication, we are well on our way to automating transportation, and once again doubling our quality of life.

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