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Navigate smart cities and the internet of things


An end-to-end platform connecting smart city solutions, resources, and opportunities


For Businesses

Venture Smarter works with enterprises and startups focused on smart cities and IoT to connect users with teaming partners, direct opportunities, and best-practices resources.


For Governments

Venture Smarter supports government planning and procurement as it relates to smart and connected infrastructure and drives community engagement around smart city efforts.


For Universities

Venture Smarter support integrated research and commercialization efforts for universities navigating the Internet of Things, and helps develop smart city focused programming.


Technology and planning standards

Venture Smarter developed the technology and planning standards used in IEEE's Smart City Standards Committee, and is dedicated to leveling the playing field to build smart cities and connected communities that ensure interoperability and resilience. Learn more.

proprietary mapping and matching

Venture Smarter uses proprietary tools and resources to help users map their place in the ecosystem, and dynamically connect with best-practices solutions, opportunities, and resources to streamline efforts related to smart cities and the Internet of Things. Get started.


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Platform Subscription

Discover solutions and opportunities, connect with other users, and navigate the smart cities ecosystem.Get started for FREE, and upgrade to unlock platform features, tools, and resources. 


Integrated Support

Venture Smarter's strategic support team is available to stand up or support smart city and IoT programs, teams, and projects, guided by best-practices standards and planning tools.


Community Collaborations

Venture Smarter's community collaboration efforts include developing Smart City Technology and Planning Standards and launching Regional Smart Cities Initiatives. Build the future with us!