Venture Smarter with Cisco

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Venture Smarter with Cisco

Cisco delivers top of the line connectivity and analytics solutions for Smart+ Connected Communities and facilities.


DNA for Cities - Intelligent network that delivers contextual insights, automates processes, and protects against threats.

Kintetic for Cities - Unlock the value of data generated by connected devices, sensors, and city assets on the network with Cisco Kinetic for Cities.

Environment - Protect lives and infrastructure from environmental damage through hyperlocalized monitoring and predictive modeling.

Parking - Generate revenue with demand-based parking while reducing the search time for citizens.

Waste Management - Manage, collect, and track waste bins to avoid overflow and health hazards.

Lighting - Lower energy consumption, cut costs, and simplify maintenance.

Safety and Security - Accurately detect incidents and protect against crime through digital monitoring.

Urban Mobility - View live street conditions to gain insight on how to improve traffic management.

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