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Simple steps to Venture Smarter

Intelligent, end-to-end support to help you research, plan, fund, and deploy smart city projects and programs

1. Create A Profile

2. Submit Projects/Solutions/Opportunities

3. Discover new partners, resources, and solutions

+ Create A Profile

Create a profile for your agency, business, or organization to request access to the Venture Smarter collaboration community. Once approved, invite team members to the shared portal.

+ Create A Project

Pending approval, match your project needs directly with vetted solutions, resources, partners, and support. Project planners may turn on project support from Venture Smarter's Intelligent Assistant.

+ Create A Solution

Pending approval, match your products and services directly with active projects, planners, and opportunities. All solutions submitted will be vetted for certifications/verifications.

+ Create An Opportunity

Open for public, private, and public private entities to share teaming, direct bid, or challenge opportunities within a trusted community of solution and resource providers.

+ Funding and Financing

Seeking project funding or financing? Identify funding sources including grants, private equity and venture capital. Investors, discover qualified opportunities and projects.

Create A Case Study | Venture Smarter

+ Create A Case Study

Highlight your success stories and help peers navigate smart city planning referencing actual projects and deployments. Featured case studies are included in monthly and quarterly Venture Smarter Intelligence Reports.

+ Location Assessment

Request a Smart and Connected Assessment and unlock Intelligent Benchmarking, Insights, and Matchmaking to help guide your smart planning and growth efforts.