Peter Williams, Big Green Innovations at IBM


Dr. Peter Williams, Ph.D. has been the Chief Technology Officer of Big Green Innovations at International Business Machines Corp. since March 2007. Dr. Williams is responsible for assembling, maintaining and developing the portfolio of businesses included, and technologies used. His particular focus areas have been PV technologies; developing greenhouse gas reduction solutions and services; and most intensively, water management solutions, covering entire water resources, utility infrastructures, and enterprise water management.

He is IBM Distinguished Engineer. He has been heavily involved in creating the intellectual foundation for IBM's “Smarter Planet“ initiative. His particular areas of focus are water management solutions, enterprise water management and utility infrastructures. As such, he has had a major role in developing IBM’s water management solution framework and a number of specific areas of intellectual property within that framework.

He is a Member of Advisory Council of Emerald Technology Ventures AG. He serves as Member of Advisory Board of McRock Capital. He holds or co-holds nine US patents with others pending. By background, he is a management consultant with over 20 years of experience in technology and business issues together to develop novel solutions and business models. His PhD was awarded by the School of Management at the University of Bath, England, in 1986.

Disaster resilience is a broad and complex endeavour that involves far more than just emergency response. It entails thinking, planning and collaborating between agencies, governments, private sector and communities in advance, during and after the event.
— Peter Williams