How will you Venture Smarter?

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1. Join the Community (Free)

Subscribe to hear first about upcoming events and initiatives as well as updates from Venture Smarter HQ.

2. Personalized Solutions

Personalized support to streamline project, procurement, and collaboration processes. Select the perfect package for your organization and leverage Val, your smart planning assistant powered by AI to discover and unlock custom tools and support including validated leads and opportunities, brand building and visibility, and tailored business intelligence/insights. Coming soon: technology standards and solution certifications.

3. Community Engagement

Become a voice in the thought leadership community dedicated to smart growth. Our events are geared at educating and aligning key stakeholders around available resources and addressable opportunity areas looking through the lens of smart and connected technologies. Regular roundtables, quarterly summits, and an annual conference bring together elected and public officials, executives and business leaders, and academics to explore success stories, challenges, and opportunities to collaborate.

4. End-to-end Support

Tap strategic consulting services from our government and technology experts. We help leaders research, plan, fund, and develop smart city efforts and partnerships. We work with businesses to launch and support smart city focus areas, with governments to streamline project and procurement processes, and with universities to support integrated research and innovation efforts.