Unlock venture smarter

Powering Smart Governance and Growth 


Solution Providers

Match your people and solutions with active projects and opportunities


Governments & Agencies

Create your technology road-map and then discover trusted solutions and resources


Universities & institutions 

Accelerate and enhance integrated and applied research efforts


Prioritizing community impact

Creating better places to live, work, and visit


How will you Venture Smarter?

Research, plan, fund, and deploy smart city technologies and strategies


Engage an active community

Connecting peers and professionals around actionable opportunities, solutions, and resources


make more informed decisions

Digital data solutions are available to community members to help research, plan, fund, and deploy smart technologies and strategies


tap the brain trust

Members may also tap strategy and direct support services from government and technology experts to help you launch, manage, or grow smart projects and programs


Contribute to active Projects

Put your people and brand front and center in local, regional, and national smart and connected projects and initiatives