Venture Smarter with iNeighborhoods

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Venture Smarter with iNeighborhoods

iNeighborhoods is a cost effective community solution which enables cities and neighborhoods, to realize inclusive economic impact, attracting new residents, start-up companies and higher value jobs, sooner. 

iNeighborhoods in smart cities

iNeighborhoods provides cities with the ideas and experience, know how, process management and the right stuff, to create high value jobs which generate new public and private sector opportunity. Moreover, the iNeighborhoods community platform enables cities to capture socio-economic opportunity, and manage change, in a digital world.

Case Studies


iNeighborhood Playbook

iNeighborhood Next Steps, Quick Wins and Timeline

Design Engineering, Business Plan and Capital Budget

Construction Management

Ongoing Program Management and Ecosystem Monitoring

Ongoing Education

Stakeholder Engagement and Readiness Assessment

Building The iNnovation Neighborhood Workshop

Neighborhood Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Assessment

Neighborhood Economic Development Impact Assessment

Place Making, Maker and Real-Estate Assessment

Design Engineering and Infrastructure Assessment