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Ingenu, the pioneer in delivering connectivity exclusively to machines.

Ingenu in Smart Cities

Ingenu is building the first wireless Machine Network, the world’s largest IoT network dedicated to connectivity for machines. Operating on universal spectrum, the company’s RPMA® technology is a proven standard for connecting Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices around the world, with more than 35 networks deployed over seven years. The Machine Network™ will have further reach, global range and longer lasting battery life than any existing network. It is also future-proof – enabling technology solution providers to maximize their product’s efficiency and longevity, with unparalleled control and visibility. Ingenu is led by a highly experienced team and backed by one of the strongest boards in the industry, including veterans from Verizon and Qualcomm.

suggested solution stack:

Ingenu + smartLINK + SureFire