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IoT Impact Labs helps small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) instrument their physical worlds with intelligence and intention for profit and resilience by using a multi-stakeholder model that brings together those SMBs, physical world subject matter experts (SMEs), early stage Internet of Things (IoT) companies, and visionary Fortune 5000 technology and industrial businesses.

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field pilots

Our field pilots are heavily documented real-world projects with small and mid-sized businesses. We deploy devices, tools and applications from early stage IoT companies to address the challenges that our pilot hosts face. These solutions are integrated with and augmented by selected offerings from sponsors’ IoT lines. Through intentional and intelligent instrumentation, we create more profit and sustainability across our small and mid-sized business community, markets, and systems.




  • Public Safety, personal security

  • Sustainability and reliability in basic services
  • Transportation systems

 Food Security

  • Small-scale and community supported agriculture (CSA)
  • Urban and vertical agriculture operations
  • Aquaculture/ shellfish harvesting and husbandry
  • Commercial fisheries
  • Logistics and safety

 WET Infrastructure

  • Water: including wastewater, groundwater, total water cycle projects
  • Energy: Including distributed, renewable pilots
  • Transportation: Multimodal freight and passenger systems/ public and private fleets



  • Physical performance in-situ: survivability, reliability, total cost of ownership
  • Technical performance: power management, signal propagation, security


  • Payback period
  • Return on investment, total cost of ownership
  • Other financial metrics


  • Data exchange opportunities: supporting above
  • Data market opportunities: data as a new asset for SMBs to commercialize
  • Data bank business models: under development at ImpactLABS


  • Is the data relevant, reliable and actionable to pilot hosts?
  • How do pilot hosts need or prefer to receive their decision support?
  • Are pilot hosts referring to the new inputs as decision support tools?


  • What else can pilot hosts do with the new data in other parts of their operation outside the first pilot application?
  • Who else among the host pilot trading partners might benefit from accessing some of the new data?
  • Which local, regional, global research or academic programs might benefit from access to certain data?