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Venture Smarter with JadeTrack

JadeTrack is a cloud-based analytics platform that empowers people to create more impact from energy and sustainability programs by making complex data simple. The platform combines automated utility bill management, facility benchmarking, real-time monitoring, and sustainability reporting — providing a single source of critical information to all stakeholders.

JadeTrack in Smart Cities

JadeTrack offers a turnkey software solution that features a comprehensive sustainability management framework used to create efficiencies and drive long-term savings opportunities. From analysis to implementation, we find sustainable ways to reduce your operating costs.

In an economic climate where the price of natural resources will redefine the way organizations do business, JadeTrack is a software platform that captures the data needed for energy management, carbon emissions calculation, and building performance management.

JadeTrack helps organizations track, manage and save resources. This in turn provides a greater understanding of your organization’s operational footprint and its impact on your bottom line.