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Our plan is to implement a ten-week business course designed to help urban entrepreneurs from underserved areas build or expand their dream businesses, giving them the tools to help them grow with their neighborhoods.

When neighborhoods are growing, a lot of planning goes into renovating historic buildings and creating magnificent green spaces that look awesome in the background of social media selfies – while little attention is paid to the existing residents of these now flourishing areas. In the same way that these locations have the potential to become booming communities, the neighborhood’s residents have the potential to create booming enterprises – just footsteps from their homes.

With Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood rapidly transitioning into one of the most promising neighborhoods in America, MORTAR fulfills its purpose by building on this success by focusing on those who are often ignored. By targeting underserved communities, we’re offering these non-traditional entrepreneurs the opportunity to use their inherent talents to not just make a dollar, but to positively participate in the rise of Over-the-Rhine and surrounding areas.

We believe that entrepreneurship can change lives. When people have ownership in an area, they also have pride. This pride then manifests itself in the way that the residents become involved in their neighborhoods; no longer feeling like spectators watching life happen from the cheap seats – but instead taking the field, making plays as productive members of society.