City of Berkeley, CA - Broadband Master Plan RFP - Due Nov 2nd


City of Berkeley, California
Population 122,000

"Broadband access is viewed by cities nationwide as an important factor in lowering business costs, improving productivity, attracting businesses, retaining highly skilled residents, and creating sustainable jobs in economies fueled by entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. Broadband access relates to the critical functions of City government, quality of life, and even economic and social justice.

The City of Berkeley seeks to develop a Broadband Infrastructure Master Plan that will guide the development of broadband infrastructure in the years and decades to come. City officials have identified three specific City goals central to the Plan’s development:

 Expand fiber access for public facilities and infrastructure to ensure continuous connectivity and service resilience for public safety, emergency response, and other essential City functions.

 Address the ‘digital divide’ by increasing high speed internet access for low-income and disadvantaged residents.

 Improve fiber access in key commercial areas to maintain Berkeley’s economic competitiveness, retain, and attract job-creating businesses, entrepreneurs and other IT-reliant innovators.

City officials hope that the development of this plan will provide more information about existing public and private infrastructure, increase coordination among City departments and external stakeholders, create a transparent process to identify and prioritize opportunities to expand broadband access, and position the City to maximize the community benefits of future public-private partnerships."