Falconer, NY seeking village-wide development plan

The Village of Falconer is located in Chautauqua County in the western portion of New York State. The Village has an estimated population of 2,348 and a strong manufacturing base. The Village of Falconer has not undertaken a planning effort for several decades. Over the past two years’ fires have devastated a portion of the Villages downtown core. The impact of these events has brought the community together to begin to talk about the future of the downtown region and the Village as a whole. As a result, the Village successfully applied for an Empire State Development planning grant to develop a comprehensive plan for the community.

The Village of Falconer has three objectives for the proposed comprehensive planning effort. Due to limited funding, the Village realizes that the planning effort may need to be phased as the Village works to secure additional funding. The following are the objectives for this planning effort:

  1. Complete a Village wide comprehensive plan for future development and investment in the Village. The planning process utilized will focus on the Village’s vision and values, land use, infrastructure and economic and demographic trends.
  2. Ensure that the community participation portion of the planning effort is robust so all citizens have the opportunity to be heard.
  3. A downtown corridor plan with conceptual sketches and guidance on implementation steps.