OpenSciEd Executive Director Position Available: Next Generation Open Source Science

OpenSciEd wants to: ● Ensure any science teacher in the U.S. can access and download free Framework and NGSS aligned instructional materials. ● Allow districts and schools to shift focus from developing aligned materials to professional learning for science teachers and leaders around quality instructional materials. ● Provide space for states and districts to work with other organizations to collaborate on innovative approaches to professional learning for science teachers and leaders.

Theory of Action: If a set of exemplary science materials are created that are:

1. aligned to state standards based on the National Academy of Science’s Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS);

2. based on research-based understandings about what motivates students, how students learn and how teachers teach;

3. developed through collaboration with educators and extensively tested by teachers and schools; with components to support the development of teacher content and pedagogical knowledge;

4. designed to be used with low-cost, readily available laboratory equipment and materials amenable to large-scale deployment; and

5. improved over time in response to implementation challenges and successes.

The outcome will be that we can:

1. provide a model of quality and usability for the field;

2. push the market to change, producing more and better instructional materials choices for schools, districts, and states in the long run;

3. create a large community of science teachers and science education leaders that can support and drive subsequent implementation and science education improvement efforts; and

4. create a generation of students that have a greater scientific knowledge base, the ability to think and reason scientifically, and a deep appreciation of the science discipline.