NYC BigApps Competition for Innovative Blockchain Applications

NYC-BigApps Opportunity to Venture Smarter

The NYC BigApps Competition is an annual competition that leverages New York City’s technological, creative, and civic communities to foster the development of innovative products and services capable of addressing civic and urban challenges in New York City (the “City”).  NYC BigApps produces more than just apps; it serves as an engine for creative collaboration between varied and engaged communities from all across the City, from developers and designers to non-profits and tech companies. 

This year, NYCEDC seeks to leverage the NYC BigApps Competition to foster the development of innovative blockchain applications, or use cases, that address challenges facing the public sector in New York City. Blockchain is a transformative technology with the potential to have a large impact on the public sector. The technology may improve the security, efficiency, transparency, and speed of many public sector services and processes. 

NYCEDC is seeking innovative proposals from qualified individuals, organizations, institutions, or companies to develop and implement the NYC BigApps 2018 Competition (“The Program”).  RFP respondents should think boldly and not be limited by past competition formats or rules. In particular, NYCEDC is interested in proposals that address how to educate the public sector about blockchain, identify and design blockchain-focused challenge statements that address public sector challenges, and expand the reach and impact of the program by drawing in new participants and partners.

Submission Deadline: 4:00 pm Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Must submit five hardcopy sets of your proposal and one copy of the proposal in electronic format (either CD-ROM or USB device) to:

NYCEDC, 110 William Street, 4th floor Mailroom Bid Desk, New York, NY  10038
Attention: Maryann Catalano, Chief Contracting Officer, Contracts.


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