NYC seeking to test breakthrough technologies for charging electric vehicles.

The City of New York is seeking to test breakthrough technologies for charging electric vehicles.  NYCx has created a challenge to do so...

How might we replace all gas-powered vehicles in NYC?

Challenge participants will submit proposals for one or both of two technology tracks:

Track 1: Emerging technologies for fast charging and smart charging electric vehicles (EVs). For example: self-charging streets, inductive/wireless charging, 350+ kW charging, solar carports, connected vehicle solutions, vehicle-to-grid technologies, and new charging technologies using existing street, garage, and building infrastructure.

For Track 1, challenge participants will propose technologies with the potential to disrupt the global EV paradigm. Finalists will have the opportunity to demonstrate their technology in NYC to government representatives, including the Chief Fleet Officer of New York City.

Track 2: Immediately commercializable EV charging technologies. For example: 25-150 kW charging and solar parking canopies with integrated EV charging.

For Track 2, challenge participants will propose a mix of charging technologies and an adoption plan to maximize the portion of vehicle miles powered by electricity. Proposed technologies and business plans should include site identification (either specific sites or a methodology), target market, and site layout. Challenge participants should build upon the current state of EV charging infrastructure in New York City, including the plan to develop an EV fast charging hub in every borough in 2018.

NYC has already committed to installing currently viable technology at scale. But we are not content with current technologies, and questions remain:

  • How will we charge vehicles in 5-10 years?
  • How will the built environment change to incorporate new infrastructure?
  • How might EVs provide adaptive support that improves management of the electric grid?

Challenge participants are encouraged to pursue real estate and business partnerships to enhance utilization and future connected/autonomous mobility options, including car share and freight fleets.



EXPRESS INTEREST - January 15, 2018

Applicants submit short statements expressing the team’s concept for the challenge and supporting documentation.

SUBMIT AN APPLICATION - February 16, 2018

Qualified expressions of interest will be invited to submit a full application, including proposed technologies, business model, adoption, site selection, site layout, and business and property partner statement of support.


Up to three finalists from each track will be able to present their technology in NYC.

WINNER(S) ANNOUNCED - April 30, 2018

The Track 1 winner will be featured at an upcoming NYCx event for global audiences. The Track 2 winner will receive $20,000 to further develop their proposal, present a live demo bringing that proposal to life, and potentially have elements of their submission included in the City’s EV charging roadmap.