Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Services sought in Massachusetts


Renewable and Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Services

Under the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) and Alternative Portfolio Standard (APS) established under the Massachusetts Electric Utility Restructuring Act of 1997 as amended by the Green Communities Act of 2008, all retail electricity suppliers must provide a minimum percentage of Kilowatt-hours (KWh) sales to end-use customers in Massachusetts from eligible renewable and alternative energy generating sources. As a result, there is a market for energy generated by such sources and Eligible Entities may be able to receive revenue for generating it. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Alternative Energy Certificates (AECs) are tools used to trade such energy. Understanding that the current solar SREC program is being phased out and being replaced with the SMART program, it is the intent of this RFR that the awarded bidder will maintain existing solar projects enrolled in the SREC I and II programs and additional services to be provided by the bidder in support of the SMART program can be included under Category 4 of this RFR.

Deadline: March 27th, 2018