South Kingstown, RI seeks consultant for community-driven residential development plan


Strategic Recommendations Relative to Multi-Household and Inclusionary Housing

The Town of South Kingstown is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to conduct a data- and community-driven process to produce recommendations intended to advance and modernize the Town’s Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision and Land Development Regulations relative to planned residential development.  The Town’s demographics and housing needs are changing, and a gap exists between the types of residential development currently permitted and being constructed throughout Town and the needs of South Kingstown’s current and future residents.

Submission Deadline - 7/5/2018

Recent data compiled by Rhode Island Housing points to a need for 1) more affordable housing; 2) housing suitable for smaller sized households; and 3) housing developed in multi-household development patterns.   The Town intends that the recommendations produced through the Ordinance review and evaluation process will promote innovative approaches to meeting these changing needs.

The selected consultant will lead the Town through a process to UNDERSTAND, ENVISION & EDUCATE, and INNOVATE, leading to a set of strategic recommendations supported by the community at large and key decision makers.

UNDERSTAND. What exists today? What is the development form/pattern of the Town’s current village centers?  How does the community feel about the current development forms/patterns? What development forms/patterns do the current rules require or allow?  In what form is the community likely to build-out given current rules?  Where are the local/regional employment centers that correlate to the income required for affordable housing in Southern Rhode Island?

ENVISION & EDUCATE.  What are the community aspirations for each village center?  How does the form of development impact how the community feels about it?  What aspects of South Kingstown could be improved or better supported by providing more housing choices?  How can regulations be crafted to limit negative impacts of multi-household development?

INNOVATE.  How can development rules, regulations, and incentives be improved to achieve the community’s aspirations?  How can redevelopment of village centers be incentivized?  How should the form of development be addressed in the Town’s regulations?

The Town anticipates that this process, based in data and guided by the community, will produce a set of technical recommendations to guide South Kingstown’s future development, maintaining and enhancing the aspects of Town that are critical to its beloved character, while modernizing the Town rules and regulations to allow development that meets the changing residential needs.

Point of Contact: Chelsea Siefert, Director of Planning, (e), (c)(401)789-9331 Ext 1244

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