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Air Force launches Rapid Runway Repair Challenge

The Air Force’s ability to rapidly repair airfield operating surfaces in an austere environment with a significantly reduced material and personnel footprint over current state-of-the-art is essential to support a resilient adaptive basing strategy.  Potential solutions are expected to leverage readily available indigenous materials coupled with novel binder and capping materials.  The proposed capability should also identify the method and equipment necessary for site-preparation and repair application.  Proposals will be reviewed based on expected solution size & weight, personnel required, repair quality, repair reassessment, expected solution costs, & repair time, in priority order.

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Science and Technology for Autonomous Teammates (STAT)

The objective of Science and Technology for Autonomous Teammates (STAT) program is to develop and demonstrate autonomy technologies that will enable various AF mission sets and the Air Force to operate inside of the enemy’s decision loop.  The technology demonstrations that result from this BAA will substantially improve the Air Force's capability to conduct missions in a variety of environments while minimizing the risks to Airmen.

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