Water Master Plan Updates for the City of Lynwood

The City of Lynwood is requesting proposals from experienced engineering firms in water master planning and modeling to update the City of Lynwood Water Master Plan.

Submission Deadline: july 18, 2018

The project would evaluate the City’s water system and identify recommended water system improvements through 2040 in 5-year increments, with particular attention to the condition and operation of the existing and undeveloped wells. The report will provide a planning tool for the implementation of system improvements and addresses, but not limited, to the following topics: future growth development, future water demands, water quality and availability, regulatory requirements, modeling and analysis of the system, and recommendations for water system improvements. The report will include planned redevelopment in the City, and highlights operational criteria to ensure system reliability. As the City’s water infrastructure ages and as development continues, it will be important to identify required system improvements at an early date, allowing adequate time to plan, finance, and construct the improvements.