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Our Focus Areas

Venture Smarter’s pillars of smart planning help bring cohesiveness to planning conversations and active opportunities. Our internal team and partners are looking for, providing, or supporting solutions in these four areas: connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability. 

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Connecting people, places, things, and information (data.) 



Efficiently and effectively moving people and goods. 



Enhancing public safety and cyber-security. 



Prioritizing environmental and economic sustainability. 


Of course, access and equity is layered into all things 'smart.' Questions? Let's chat!



End to End solutions and support

Venture Smarter's people, platform, and resources help governments, businesses, and organizations streamline efforts to build smart and connected communities and project success stories. Click get started below to choose how you will Venture Smarter.

Venture Smarter - Opportunity Matching

Opportunity Matching

Venture Smarter - Validated Partners and Solutions

Validated Partners and Solutions

Venture Smarter - Awareness and Visibility

Awareness and Visibility

Venture Smarter - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Venture Smarter - Leadership and Education

Leadership and Education

 Brand and Community Building

Community Building

Venture Smarter - Policy and Planning Support

Policy and Planning Support

Venture Smarter - Financing and Grants

Financing and Grants

Venture Smarter - Technology Standards

Technology Standards

Venture Smarter - Solution Certifications

Solution Certifications

Venture Smarter - Automated Procurement Tools

Automated Procurement Tools

IMG_3751.PNGVenture Smarter - Automated Project Management

Automated Project Management



Curious about how our current partners and collaborators Venture Smarter?


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Venture Smarter

Together, we can build the future and cut the chaos out of smart city planning.

Our team is led by government and technology experts coming from The White House, State Department, The Senate, Congress, and leading technology companies. Our community is thriving, supporting collaborations among leaders in government, education, business, and the nonprofit sector. Our platform is tailored to match our partners and their team members with targeted opportunities and resources.