Build the future with us

Build the future with us

Accelerating the development of smart cities, regions, and industries


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Supporting the development of smart cities, regions, and industries

Venture Smarter is dedicated to catapulting governments, businesses, and universities ahead in the 21st Century.  Led by government and technology experts coming from The White House, US Congress, local and state governments, and leading technology companies, Venture Smarter serves an array of customers looking to invest in and benefit from digital transformation and smart city growth.

Since 2016 Venture Smarter has helped clients win new business, develop best-practices strategies, cultivate robust partnership ecosystems, and mitigate risks associated with digital transformation and smart city development. We’ve launched new public-private-partnerships, catalyzed innovation ecosystems, and removed barriers stagnating market development across North American cities and regions.

We invite you to develop your strategies, channel partnerships, and business development efforts with our Core Services team; unlock powerful business intelligence and project tools through our membership platform; and incubate new businesses, programs, and projects within our Innovation Labs. Let’s build the future… Together!



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“Venture smarter has helped me gain insights into core problems realized by my focus client base so that I can match my solutions with their needs.”

Jon Salisbury

“Outstanding concept! It’s kind of like matchmaking for emerging ideas and the powers who can bring them to market. Incredible minds, boundless energy, and determination to serve our world with the right kinds of change.”

Melisa Kirby

“It’s these types of connections between different stakeholders that can help solve real problems in cities today."


Mike Stanley