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Venture SMarter is a movement, not just a business


The Inside Scoop

Venture Smarter is Dedicated to smart governance and growth


Our People

come from leading technology companies, The White House, US Senate, State Department, and leading enterprise organizations.


Our Platform

centralizes vetted opportunities, solutions, resources, and information to streamline technology planning.


Our Community

is dedicated to using technology as a tool to solve pressing problems locally and globally - putting people first.


Our Vision

is to build smart cities, regions, and industries rooted in equity, resilience, and interoperability.

Our Mission

is to power smart governance and growth to create better places to live, work, and visit.

Our Initiatives

educate, engage, and activate communities, businesses, and governments of all sizes.


A Trusted Community

Working together to build smart cities and regions


Don't just take it from us...

“Venture smarter has helped me gain insights into core problems realized by my focus client base so that I can match my solutions with their needs.”

Jon Salisbury

“Outstanding concept! It’s kind of like matchmaking for emerging ideas and the powers who can bring them to market. Incredible minds, boundless energy, and determination to serve our world with the right kinds of change.”

Melisa Kirby

“It’s these types of connections between different stakeholders that can help solve real problems in cities today."


Mike Stanley