$50 million in project financing has been revealed for Smart Infrastructure Challenge winners, and up to $3 billion is available ‘for the right projects.’


➝  In each project track, up to $10 million in project financing is available for teams that qualify for the grand prize.

➝  Second and third tier prize winners will have access to project financing ranging from $500,000 to $2,500,000.

➝ Each responding team will work with the financing partners at Smart City Capital, Smart City Infrastructure, and the National Infrastructure and Investment Alliance to ensure their projects meet, or will meet the requirements for funding and/or financing.



Venture Smarter and our ecosystem partners have put together a grant and resource pool to support teams through the challenge, and winners following.


➝  Top teams will be granted up to $250,000 in resources to support project management.

➝  The first 25 regional applicants will be granted Venture Smarter integrated support services.

➝  All teams will have access to ‘Matching’ to connect with new partners and resources as needed.