Connected City Blueprint provided by the Wireless Broadband Alliance

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) Connect Cities Advisory Board’s (CCAB) Connected City Blueprint 2017 looks at issues that cities are encountering and overcoming to deploy Connected City technology to tackle their urban challenges. The Blueprint is intended to work as a guideline to support cities and government authorities to develop their connected city plans, and for the broader wireless industry, including academia, citizens, entrepreneurs, operators, regulators, equipment manufacturers and service developers to better understand the challenges and opportunities of the Connected City and Smart City ecosystem.

Connected City Blueprint

Overall, Smart Cities represent an evolutionary step in urban development, which is based on the combination of technologies and human resources with a common goal of achieving economic growth, sustainable development and optimal quality of life for the citizens. Connectivity in general plays a central role in the Smart City development, since they provide the means for interconnecting infrastructures (i.e. networks, sensors, devices) and collaboration between the different stakeholders, including the Citizens, City Authorities, Private Sector Companies, Innovators and Entrepreneurs and the Academia, the key for success.

The CCAB and the WBA will continue the development of this Connected City Blueprint, both in terms of additional content as well as making it available to the industry in different channels, including an online eBook version. This is an Industry-collaborative effort and the CCAB would like to invite the different stakeholders to get involved in this initiative. The Connected City Blueprint can be considered a living document and updated versions will be released throughout 2018 and beyond.