Center for Community Progress: Report on Creative Placemaking

The Center for Community Progress has released a new report, “Creative Placemaking on Vacant Properties: Lessons Learned from Four Cities.”  This report offers practical guidance for communities curious about how to leverage the power of creative placemaking to transform vacant properties. It includes a creative placemaking primer and key takeaways based on work conducted over the course of two years. It also explores emerging practices in four communities: Kalamazoo, Michigan; Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania; Newburgh, New York; and Macon, Georgia. 

Creative placemaking on vacant properties requires not just artistic and cultural creativity, but creativity on the part of the city and all partners in terms of what a space can be and how to accomplish their goals. The process of learning and partnering to bring arts and culture projects to fruition can be difficult at times, but cities, community groups, artists, and neighbors can work together on these efforts to achieve equitable community development goals that vacant property enforcement alone cannot do.