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Easily the best available smart city kiosk on the market. The hardware is stellar and the software stack is unbelievable.
— smartLINK Customer

smartLINK’s mission is to bridge the digital and physical worlds.  They have a goal of doing so while designing, engineering and producing superior products and services. smartLINK was founded by Jon Salisbury and Russ Middleton in an effort to tackle the “Digital Divide”.  smartLINK provides connectivity clusters which are self sustaining digital kiosk that offer a plethora of technology.  

smartlink in smart cities

Utilizing fiber to make 1Gbps WiFi connections smartLINK connects cities to their citizens. Sleek carbon fiber featured designed Nodes feature large touchscreen tablets, dynamic way-finding, USB charging station, emergency calling, and more. Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati born and raised smartLINK creates profit centers for business and revenue generating streams for municipalities. Smartlink implements technology to meet the citizens needs and create real economic opportunities.

The kiosk project has been deemed “a social good” cause and has recently won the global innovation (IDG Enterprise Global Digital 50) award for the city of Newport, Kentucky. smartLINK is a fully managed service organization; meaning they provide urban strategy, site technical analysis, market study, technology implementation, physical installation as well as new innovative technologies rapidly. 

Suggested solution stack

smartLINK + TransitScreen + Wyzerr