Venture Smarter with Standards, Certifications, and Blueprints

Best practices tools and resources for an IoT enabled future

Building trust to streamline smart and connected development efforts with a focus on interoperable connectivity, security, privacy, and resilience. Scroll down to learn more.


IEEE SA P2784: The Guide to the Technology and Planning Process to Build A Smart City

A comprehensive technology framework and planning process guide to support the development of connected, secure, interoperable, and resilient smart cities and regions. 


Global CitY Teams Challenge Super clusters and Planning Blueprints

Blueprints and resources to help guide smart, connected, and secure development and collaborations.

Connectivity, Mobility, Resilience (CMR) Index and Certifications

Index and Certifications for Smart and Connected, or IoT Enabled, facilities, campuses, cities, and regions. Launching Fall 2018.



Verified users and businesses earn 'Validated' credentials following a review to ensure best-practices, trust, and capabilities. The Venture Smarter Validation mark ensures that each user or entity has been approved and verified. Coming Fall 2018.

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